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Grow in Grace and Knowledge

 The granddaughters came over the other day and we spent the afternoon doing the usual, playing hide and seek, singing songs and coloring and drawing.  While we were drawing I noticed that Haley who is two and a half years … Continue reading

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Words Matter

The preacher of a little country church had just finished hammering a sign into the ground by the side of the road next to the church that read, “Da end is near!  Turn around now afore it’s too late!”  About … Continue reading

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Putting Your Prayers to Work

I visited with someone the other day that I had not seen in a while. We talked about how things were going and they were excited about the fact that this year was better than last year. The prior year … Continue reading

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The Lord will not Unfriend You

I saw a friend the other day I had not seen or heard from in a while. After a few minutes of catching up my friend mentioned that they had not heard from me on Facebook in a while. Come … Continue reading

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Fourth of July – I’m Free!

A man recently freed from prison danced down the street shouting, “I’m free, I’m free!” A small boy observed him and said, “So what, I’m four.” Sometimes we fail to fully grasp and appreciate all that is included in the … Continue reading

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Accountability Partners

  A couple of weeks ago when I was walking the granddaughters home after a visit,  the oldest one, Avery who is 4 years old stopped and surveyed all the leftover grass and dirt from my recent afternoon of mowing, … Continue reading

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