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A Great Redeemer – He Meets Us Where We Are

One of the things we have talked about consistently and considerably in our group discussions in the chaplaincy training program has to do with taking plenty of time with people who are hurting.  We must always take the time to … Continue reading

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I Confess

I confess…I burned the sausage.  And not just a little, I burned it real good – or real bad depending on how you look at it.  The grandkids were over and I got suckered into a couple of games of … Continue reading

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Teach Us to Number Our Days

I was talking to a lady the other day who told me, “I’ve been around a long time.  You can be 93 looking to turn 94 but there ain’t much future in it.  You’ve already done most of the things … Continue reading

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When I Feel Weak – A Prayer for Comfort

I met a few people in the past month or so who are going through some difficult times.  More than a few of them are worried that they will let someone down by admitting to the fear and anxiety they … Continue reading

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