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God is ready to Talk

Sometimes my granddaughters call me on the phone just to say hello or to see if they can come over. They live just 3 doors down so they come over pretty often which is okay by me. When they call … Continue reading

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God Still Speaks

This week I have posted one of my sermons. If you would prefer to watch it on video, I have provided a link. The video picks up after paragraph #4. Here is the link: Good morning, it is an … Continue reading

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Letters, Addresses and God’s Word

Every week I write letters and send a copy of one of my sermons to some men who are serving time in various prisons across the state.  Some of these men I have been corresponding with for several years; some … Continue reading

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He is Looking For You!

I saw a “Posted – No Trespassing” sign the other day and it brought back memories of the days when I was a kid living in the country.  My brother and I used to go exploring and we spent a … Continue reading

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What About the Bible? Do I Need to Read It?

I was a Christian for many years before I began to read my Bible on a regular basis.  When I finally opened it up, boy was I blessed.  And the truth is, I had been missing out on all those blessings … Continue reading

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