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I have to tell ya

I love various types of music.  From time to time I like to listen to different types of Spanish music.  I like salsa, merengue and other genres.  One of my favorite songs of all time though is a Cuban folk … Continue reading

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You Can Count On The Lord for Wisdom

I knew I was in for a treat when my granddaughter Avery said, “Pawpaw, let me tell you something.”  This is the same phrase she has used to initiate conversations about what it is like to be a big sister, … Continue reading

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Being Pruned for New Growth

I have some type of house plant on the desk at my office which I guess really makes it an “office plant.” It was given to me a few months ago by the person who occupied the desk before I … Continue reading

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Be Courageous – The Lord is with you

I was blessed to spend some quality time with the granddaughters the other day and Avery the 4 year old informed me that next week she was going to Disney World.  This was news to me and to others in … Continue reading

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Mission Minded – It only takes a few funerals

I have been praying about and researching the topic of church revitalization a great deal in recent months.  There is a great need for revival in our country and there should be a sense of urgency and spiritual unrest felt … Continue reading

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Keeping Promises

There is a story told of three little girls who are playing one afternoon after school at one of their homes and decided to see which one had the most money. The first little girl counted thirteen pennies and the … Continue reading

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