Tell What You Know

We had some family and friends over at the house the other day and my wife Marta shared a story that involved one of her sisters.  In the story she referred to her sister by name.  At the end of the story our oldest granddaughter Avery who is five asked, “Nana, who were you talking about?”   Marta explained that she was talking about one of her sisters.  She went on to say that she has three sisters, Vicky, Jill and Ingrid.  She then said to Avery, “Your daddy has two sisters. Do you know their names?”

“Julie and Katie!” came Avery’s quick and enthusiastic reply.  Marta continued, “And your daddy has a brother.  Do you know his name?”

“Uncle Adam!” Avery exclaimed.

By this time all the excitement and commotion had drawn Avery’s younger sister Haley who is three to the table. She didn’t want to be left out.  “Ask me. I know. Ask me!” Haley shouted.

Her Nana happily obliged, “Your daddy has a brother. What’s his name?”

“Uncle Adam!” Haley responded as she smiled.  Haley went through the same list that Avery did and even added Uncle Eric, Aunt Amanda and a couple of our dogs.  Haley couldn’t wait to share what she knew.

Hey Christian, how about you?  Do you love to share what you know?  Are you ready, willing and able to answer questions in an enthusiastic way that engages and involves others rather than one that alienates and angers them?  I hope you’re ready because that’s our charge.  The Bible says in 1 Peter 3:15 “…sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence.”

We should live a good and godly life that honors Christ.  How we live and love, how we react and respond in every situation should demonstrate the confidence, trust and hope that we have placed in our Lord.  How we live should raise some questions about what we believe.  And we should want to answer those questions.  We should not shy away or be fearful about telling others how God has blessed us or sharing with them good and merciful the Lord is.  We should be ready to tell what we know and why we know it.  And we should tell what we know with gentleness and reverence.  We should do it with love.  And why wouldn’t we?  We are telling about the greatest love the world has ever known!  For God so loved the world that He sent His Only Begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life!  Yes, we should want to answer questions.  We should want to tell the story!  We should have that same attitude that Haley displayed.  “Ask me!  I know!  Ask me!”

About pastorpstephens

I have been blessed to have served as a pastor, a chaplain and to have been involved in other ministries throughout the years. My wife Marta and I have been blessed with a wonderful family that includes our daughter, her husband and their two daughters and our son and his wife and their son. Each of them are very special to us so please keep them all in your prayers. One truth that I always try to share with people I meet is that anything God asks you to do, He will help you to do. God has your back.
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